Summit: Working together and ‘Standing up for Birmingham’ campaign

“Working together” is the key theme of today’s summit being held at Austin Court and the programme will include contributions from successful local collaborative initiatives, including the Birmingham Fair Money Campaign, Alcoa Kitts Green’s community team, the University of Birmingham’s Institute for Research into Superdiversity and locally-based community organisations addressing loneliness and isolation.

Another aim of this Summit is to encourage delegates to get behind the ‘Standing up for Birmingham’ campaign.  

Birmingham City Council leader, Cllr Sir Albert Bore has announced details of a new campaign for Birmingham called ‘Standing up for Birmingham’. The campaign calls for community groups and individuals to play a bigger role in the delivery of services in the light of the Government cuts. Launching the campaign Sir Albert said:

“We must all ‘stand up’ and make our contribution to getting us through this crisis, and the strongest need to do their bit to protect the weakest from the impact of these cuts.

Over the next few years we will need to restate the role of the city council in a new landscape, with far less resources. But that doesn’t mean we give up on our aims, values and priorities for the city.”

I would think that this is something delegates attending the social inclusion process summit, which aims to encourage everyone across the city to work shape the future wellbeing of the people of Birmingham, would fully endorse.

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  1. For several years, the residents’ association committee on our over-50s’ sheltered housing scheme in Kings Heath (two tower blocks housing mainly single people in 67 flats) has been raising its own funds to provide healthy, therapeutic, meaningful, social activity for tenants and guests. One thing we desperately need is wi-fi for our communal lounge. It would help us to be more proactive in getting the things we need, in being active citizens, and in finding out information and sources of support for ourselves. We even have a small group of IT skilled ‘peer tutors’ among the residents who can help others. We need wi-fi! We have also developed our green space and are beginning to grow our own produce. Might I suggest one of those involved in the ‘Standing up for Birmingham’ process gets in touch to see how we’re managing things?

  1. Cllr Cotton | Fair Brum

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