Syndicate one – Corporate Social Responsibility

IMG_0095Margaret Way, the Social Inclusion Champion for Commitment One, has welcomed everyone to the syndicate session explaining that members of the Alcoa community team will outline the work they do to implement the Alcoa Corporate Social responsibility programme.


Sue Dangerfield and Beverly Hawkesford  from the Alcoa Community Team then illustrate via a joint presentation the work of Alcoa and how they engage with the local community. They inform us that Alcoa who work in the aerospace industry, is celebrating its 75th year in Kitts Green. The company has 500 employees, and the factory is spread across a 38 acres.

Alcoa happily provide money to help work with the local community, they have helped fund the creation of The Pump in Kitts Green which provides a dance studio and performance space for young people in the area.

The presentation has encouraged further questions and the delegates have now split up into groups to address how the Alcoa example can help others engage with the Social Inclusion process in new and engaging ways.

Feedback from the groups is now being collected and will be fed back to the whole summit at the plenary session.

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