The Plenary Session


Bishop David is now chairing the plenary session where the Chairs from the four syndicate sessions are reporting back practical ideas from their syndicate session.

As we listen to the Bishop people are tweeting about their Syndicate sessions and commenting on the discussions that took place.

Each syndicate was asked to address the following three questions:-

  1. How can we engage with the Social Inclusion Process more fully in order to help deliver the recommendations in the White Paper?
  2. What actions can be taken forward?
  3. Who would be able to lead and/or influence these actions?                                    

Session 1: Business and the community working together to improve local outcomes

This session explored how businesses can support communities

This syndicate emphasised the importance of developing skills base in our communities

The  discussion group calls for the council to incentivise companies through business rates to implement Birmingham social charter in local communities

Do more… with less money?

Lots of people asking Alcoa about their local supply chain as well as their CSR.

 Session 2: Locally based community organisations working together to address loneliness and isolation in neighbourhoods

Could Birmingham library be a #placeofwelcome?

Kids in deprived areas are 3 times as likely to be killed by a car

#placesofwelcome has a Facebook page:-

We need a more joined up signposting & information network 4advice in Bham.  Gateway to Birmingham’s Advice Service.  (A network of advice and support agencies coming together to support the most vulnerable.) will b working on this2 support grass root orgs – Birmingham ·

If you want to be a #placeofwelcome for migrants, you need volunteers from those communities.

Very interesting question about creating online #placesofwelcome.

@RefugeeAction is supporting the excellent #placesofwelcome initiative.

 Session 3: Not-for-profit lenders working together to protect the vulnerable

‘Not only is poverty rising, so is the cost of being poor’.

How do we do more… with less money?

Support @CitysaveCU‘s e-petition calling for tougher regulation of payday lenders

We must pull together to tackle cuts challenge.

 Session 4: Working together to support inclusion in a superdiverse city

Every ward in Birmingham is super diverse. Every ward has people from more than 30 different countries

Jenny Phillimore  is now talking about “urban buzz” which can be measured! Diversity increases this and helps promote cities

Lozells and East Handsworth Ward has ppl from 162 countries – the most diverse in Brum or the country?

Asylum seeking women with babies being moved around so can’t put down roots. Bad if this is common…


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