Don’t borrow for your bills

pic by Katie McPhillimy

pic by Katie McPhillimy

The message from Birmingham Fair Money is “don’t borrow for your bills”.

The Birmingham Fair Money campaign brings together the not for profit lenders in the city to provide  residents with access to affordable, ethical and responsible lending and to offer them an alternative to the high cost loan sector.

Angela Clements, chief executive officer of Citysave credit union, said:

“We continue to be shocked at the level of personal debt that we are seeing, particularly the number of applicants who took out a high cost loan to cover a bill for for day-to-day household expenses.

“Responsible lenders rarely lend for daily household expenditure and would review the monthly affordability and household budget carefully.

“We have a number of contacts for help and advice if someone is struggling with bills.”

From Monday 25 November, the loans officers at the Fair Money pop-up cabin in Birmingham’s High Street are joined by advisers from Shelter, Severn Trent and housing advice officers, as well as welfare officers from organisations such as Cavell Nurses’ Trust, Unite and Unison.

The cabin will stay open until 22 December.

For more information go to the Birmingham Fair Money campaign website.

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