What is Fairbrum?

Fairbrum is the name we’ve given to the digital presence of Giving Hope Changing Lives online – but it’s growing into much more than that!

What is Giving Hope Changing Lives?

Giving Hope Changing Lives is Birmingham’s Social Inclusion Process. It’s about trying to build a fairer and more inclusive city.

Birmingham is a distinctive city set apart by its diversity and youth. It’s a great place to live work and play. It’s a safe and welcoming place where new communities come and make their home. However there are still major challenges that face the city and some people and communities still do not feel part of mainstream society.

For example:

In some areas of the city over 50% of working age people do not have employment

  • Around 35% of children in Birmingham are classed as living in poverty,
  • There is over twelve years’ difference between the life expectancy of males in the worst and best wards on the city

With resources becoming more and more scarce it is clear we need to do something different.

Social Inclusion is about everyone in Birmingham having a say, having a stake and having a future.

Our vision for this process is to take a new approach that will help raise aspirations and bring lasting change to the quality of life of our most disadvantaged communities and neighbourhoods.

Last year we talked with and listened to people across Birmingham to explore how issues of exclusion and poverty can be addressed more effectively.

The information that we got from these conversations was used to develop seven social inclusion commitments with tangible recommendations underpinning them so that those in charge of the key agencies in the city can shape their services to ensure everyone has a high quality of life.

The commitments and recommendations are set out in the White Paper, Making Birmingham an Inclusive City.

The commitments are to:

  • Support families and children out of poverty
  • Embrace superdiversity
  • Protect the most vulnerable
  • Connect people and places
  • Create a city that values children and young people
  • Empower people to shape their neighbourhood
  • Address safety, isolation and loneliness

By following this blog you will get the latest up-to-date information from the process, discussion items and links to events.

Our aim is for this process to be open, honest and challenging and we want to hear from you so please get in touch by post to the address below, email fairbrum@birmingham.gov.uk follow us on Twitter @fairbrum #fairbrum or Facebook www.faceboook.com/fairbrum

About the Challenge Unit

The Challenge Unit brings together partners from the business, community, voluntary, faith and public sectors to deliver a better quality of life in Birmingham.

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