Active Citizens Fund (Fund closed) –

Backing Birmingham during the recession + Debt Advice –

Be Birmingham Summit July 2010 –

Be Birmingham’s WNF Position –

Be Heard: –

Be Involved –

Birmingham 2026 progress report –

Birmingham 2026 summit –

Birmingham Allocation –

Birmingham Compact –

Birmingham Strategic Partnership Board papers (available on request)  –

Building the future together

Bulletins 2011

Comprehensive Area Assessment –

CAA core city results –

CAA performance results

Child Poverty Summit – 2009 –

Community Budgets –

Community Cohesion Summit – 2009 –

Compact Champions Resources Toolkit –

Creating jobs and Helping Young People

Delivering Neighbourhood Management

Distribution of WNF Resources

Delivering Vision 2026

Executive Board

Executive Board bulletins

Families with complex needs –

Family of Partnerships –

Focus of WNF –

Future Jobs Fund –

Handsworth & Lozells community dialogue programme –

LAA Performance

Leadership for Change

Local Area Agreement

Lozells Disturbances

Making a contribution

More for Less


Other Strategies and Plans

Recession to Resurgence

Social Capital and Enterprise Programme –

Social Enterprise and Active Citizenship final round –

Social Enterprise Fund –

Social Enterprise Case Studies –

Social Media pages –

Summit 3 –

Sustainable Community Strategy –

Sustainable Procurement –

Total Place –

Total Place Summit –  Feb 2010 –

Vision 2026 – 

Vision 2026 – thank you –

Sustainable Community Strategy –

Who we are –

WNF Background –

WNF Innovations Fund –

WNF projects BEDP –

WNF projects Birmingham Cultural Partnership –

WNF projects Children and Young People’s Partnership –

WNF projects City Housing Partnership –

WNF projects Environmental Partnership –

WNF projects Health and Wellbeing Partnership –

WNF thematic outcomes –

Working together to improve Birmingham –

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