Backing Brum during recession + Debt Advice

Like all cities in the UK, there is little doubt that the recession is hitting both Birmingham businesses and our citizens.

What sets us apart from other cities is that we are pursuing a wide range of innovative projects which are designed to help those most affected to cope and to put the city and its citizens in the best possible position to benefit from a recovery.

Despite news that Britain is on the threshold of coming out of the worst of the recession many businesses and residents in the city are likely to continue to suffer from its impact for some time to come.

To help you cope we’ve put together these handy guides to getting help during the recession, whether you’re a business looking for advice on how best to manage your debts or you’re an individual looking for new employment, support is available whilst the information contained on these pages does not constitute financial advice all tips should be followed up by your own research and taken at your own risk. The important thing is to take positive action and aim to make the most of the help that is available.

Further information for Birmingham residents and businesses is attached below:

Help for residents:  427486New Residents
Help for businesses: 132823New Business

Debt advice

signpostingIt is known that thousands of people each year get into debt. One in four people now uses loans and credit cards to meet the basic costs of living. This situation could mean that you get behind with your regular bills: rent, council tax, phone, electricity or gas.

The Debt Advice Team is here to take a realistic and practical approach to helping you. Our experienced debt advisors can assist you to improve the quality of your life by developing a realistic and sensible debt repayment programme. They offer a structured approach to managing severe personal debt by maximising income, providing budget advice, preparing a full debt repayment plan and talking to the people you owe money to.

The Debt Advice Team has been working since January 2003 to help people who are experiencing severe debt problems. Each year over 2,500 clients make use of the service. The members of the team use their extensive knowledge and expertise to maximise client income for both in and out of work benefits.

If you have concerns about money worries or need some advice please call the Debt Advice Line to book an appointment on 0121 303 2087.

The team is in the process of producing a number of Fact Sheets highlighting key areas of debt advice. The first of these is available below. More will become available covering a wide range of subjects.

Debt Advice Team

The Creative Development team at Birmingham City Council also have a number of programmes to help tackle the recession. Click here for more information

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