Be Heard

Click here to visit the Be Heard database For the first time, information about what consultations are being planned and have been undertaken, what people have said and what impact their views have had on decision-making in the city will be easily accessible by the public all in one place with the launch of the Birmingham Be Heard consultation database,

Be Heard currently contains over 170 consultations undertaken by Birmingham City Council and other partner organisations and this number is growing all the time.

The database includes both large, citywide consultations as well as smaller, more specific area or interest-based consultations.

The Annual Opinion Survey is a citywide survey which measures Birmingham residents’ satisfaction with local public services, perceptions of their local community and their views on challenges facing the city as a whole. In 2008, 86 per cent of people surveyed were satisfied with their local area. They identified that the cleanliness of streets, the levels of crime and the need for activities for young people were the most important issues for improvement. The key findings from this survey will influence the Council Plan for 2010-11.

The database is easy to use and a short introductory video on how to get started can be viewed on the website. Information can be found through a keyword search or searches by area, date, consultation method, type of people consulted and the organisation that ran the consultation. People can sign up to receive automatic email alerts when consultations that they are interested in have been published. The site also has an RSS feed.

To access the database visit

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