Birmingham allocation

The resources required to support the interventions to deliver the LAA are drawn from a number of sources across the partners including the Area Based Grant, which includes the Working Neighbourhoods Fund.
Birmingham has been allocated £118 Million Working Neighbourhoods Funding over a three year period from 2008 to 2011. The City Council is the accountable body for WNF and it is managed by Be Birmingham through the Be Birmingham Executive Board.
The ‘Area Based Grant’ (ABG), which is non-ringfenced, is allocated to Birmingham to take forward local priorities. A number of the LAA delivery plans use WNF resources to support specific interventions. Where this is the case, the relevant partnerships were asked in June 2008, to submit to Be Birmingham, a business plan scheduling all the proposed interventions requiring WNF support.
Provided the WNF business plans satisfactorily take forward the LAA, individual thematic partnerships and agencies then submit proposals for the release of WNF to specific interventions/projects. Thus there is a clear link between the overarching vision for Birmingham set out in Birmingham 2026 through the LAA for 2008/2011 and its delivery plans to the individual interventions seeking the use of the WNF.
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