Compact champions

Compact champions

Hand shakeThe Role of a Birmingham Compact Champion

Champion representations from each network, organisation or constituency, make up the Birmingham Compact Forum and are to act as the link(s) to their area of work.

Champions will meet at least once a year, and they will contribute to the annual report on the working of the Birmingham Compact, as well as supporting its overall direction, development and implementation.

As a forum member, they will also be responsible for supporting Compact disputes logging and mediation process. (mediation_process)
Interested in becoming a Compact Champion?

You can become a Birmingham Compact Champion if your role involves working across the sector. Whether you are based in the public sector, the voluntary and community sector and you can even join if you are in the private sector, as long as you are willing to sign up to the values and principles as outlined in the Birmingham Compact 2010 document. For the link to find out more about theTerms of reference for Birmingham Compact Champion (2ToR_Compact_Champion-Final)

To join click here

What do you get in your toolkit click here to find out?
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