Comprehensive Area Assessment

Comprehensive Area Assessment

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Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) is a new way of assessing local public services in England. It examines how well public bodies in Birmingham work together to meet the needs of the people they serve. It is an independent assessment coordinated by the Audit Commission along with six different inspectorates.

CAA will look at what matters locally, reflecting the priorities of local communities, political leaders and service chiefs. It may cover issues like reducing health inequalities, increasing affordable housing, reducing the fear of crime, improving education, attracting investment or reducing the area’s carbon footprint. The issues assessed in each area will reflect local priorities that have been established in the Sustainable Community Strategy and Local Area Agreement.

Other service or organisation specific assessments will continue. For example, health and police services will still be assessed by their respective inspectorates for those services that they are solely responsible for.  Schools, colleges, social housing and residential care homes will also continue to be inspected to check they meet required standards.

CAA results

For the full version of Birmingham’s CAA results click here

For the summary version of Birmingham’s CAA results click here

To compare national CAA results on the new Oneplace website click here

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