Future Jobs Fund


The aim of Birmingham’s Future Jobs Fund programme was to provide 1000 placements for 18 to 24-year-olds who had been claiming benefits for a year or more. A further 1000 placements were created for long-term benefit claimants over 25 in unemployment hotspots across Birmingham. Training was given in the public, voluntary and community and private sectors organisations providing skills in areas relevant to the local economy.

The Future Jobs Fund was around £1 billion to support the creation of jobs for long term unemployed young people and others who faced significant disadvantage in the labour market.

Placements lasted six months, providing 30 hours work per week. Enabling the participants to obtain a qualification as part of the initiative, with training through an accredited provider.

Evaluation Report
The report presents an analysis of the evaluation findings for the Be Birmingham Future Jobs Fund programme.The overall objectives of the evaluation were to assess the programme start up, including programme development and partnership working; programme delivery, including benefits for employers and employees; and programme impact, including outcomes for employers and employees and an assessment of community benefit.The focus of the report is on what made the programme a success, especially for employers and employees, so that the learning is available to inform future employment initiatives.

View a copy of the report: FJF evaluation Phase 1 report(1)

View a copy of the report on the development and early implementation stages of the programme from June 2009 to March 2010 FJF Phase 2 final report (Merida) merged

Future Jobs Fund event presentations

Presentations from Future Jobs Fund Employers’ event, 24th September 2009.

Yvonne Davies, Birmingham Citizens’ Advice Bureau

FJF Employers Event 24 Sept 09 IE presentation(1)

Rachel Ginnelly, Be Birmingham and Gerry Lyng, JobCentre Plus

JCP process presentation for 24-9-09

Richard Trengrouse, Be Birmingham

management process presentation for 24-9-09

Theresa Gillard, BVSC

The Clients Journey-TG

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