Handsworth & Lozells community dialogue programme

The neighbourhoods of Handsworth and Lozells has experienced significant social and economic decline and Lozells witnessed disturbances in 2005. 

Whilst a considerable amount of work had been undertaken by Birmingham City Council and its partners (since 2005) in assessing the challenges facing Handsworth and Lozells, a comprehensive long-term vision for area had not been developed.

Following a commitment from Birmingham’s key stakeholder agencies, the Handsworth and Lozells Community Dialogue Programme was established in September 2008, as an ambitious and innovative community engagement process, aimed at developing a transformational and long-term vision for the area.

As part of the Dialogue Programme, Birmingham City Council commissioned the Governance Foundation and the Birmingham City University in February 2009 to undertake the ‘Academic Process’ component of programme, as part of a Community Dialogue Consortium including Birmingham Settlement and Carol Coombes (an independent consultant).

Read their report FINAL REPORT COMMUNITY DIALOGUE 29_05_09

Read the technical appendices report FINAL COMMUNITY DIALOGUE TECHNICAL APPENDICES 29_05_09

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