Local Area Agreement

Local Area Agreement (LAA)

Birminghams LAA document

LAAs are “deals” between local partners and central government. The objective is to improve key outcomes by linking funding to innovative delivery of services.

Birmingham’s Local Area Agreement (LAA) has been approved by central government.
The focus now will be the delivery of the LAA and how we can use it to make a difference to public services and the quality of life for people in Birmingham.

The LAA contains priorities around economic success, safety and the environment, health, overall quality of life and making a contribution, along with actual targets for improvement over the next three years. As partners within Be Birmingham work together to deliver on these priorities and achieve their targets, the city will move towards making the vision and ambition of the Birmingham 2026 a reality.

Local Area Agreements 2008 – 2011

The Local Government White Paper ‘Strong and Prosperous Communities’ published in October 2006 set out fundamentally different arrangements for future Local Area Agreements.

The new LAA will be the delivery plan for the Birmingham 2026 Community Strategy, Birmingham_2026 and focuses on the critically important strategic priorities for the city. For more details on delivery plans Click here.

To download the refreshed 2008 – 2011 LAA document please click on the following link Documents LAA

For delivery plan lead details and/or further information, please contact Be Birmingham on 0121 464 9168.

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