Social Capital and Enterprise Programme

Social Capital and Enterprise Programme

Social capital and enterprise brochureThe social capital and enterprise programme aims to bring together residents, neighbours, communities, public agencies and the voluntary and community sector, to improve the quality of life for local people.

Social capital is the social glue that helps people, organisations and communities to work together towards shared goals. It comes from everyday contact between people as result of them forming social connections and networks based on trust, shared values and giving and receiving. Strong social capital helps to improve quality of life for citizens by forming bonds between neighbours, families and communities.

Be Birmingham’s Social Capital and Enterprise programme will run until 2011, as part of the larger Working Neighbourhoods Fund, which aims to tackle long-term unemployment and support the local economy. We are inviting applicationsfor funding from community and voluntary organisations and social enterprises – organisations operating as businesses, but who reinvest profit to deliver social aims – for activities aiming to increase levels of social capital in Birmingham.

Funding is currently available through these three streams, please click on the bullet points to access further information:

To see maps of Birmingham’s priority neighbourhoods and clusters, please click Copy of Atlas of Birmingham Priority Neighbourhoods

In addition to these three funds, a bursary is available to community and voluntary organisations that are able to host a volunteering placement, as part of the Volunteering Support Fund.

The Social Capital and Enterprise programme will also provide support to public sector organisations from across the city to develop new business models and commissioning procedures to enable them to work with social enterprises.

 More information about the programme in general, its funding streams and who to contact about them, can be found in the brochure Working Together for a Better Birmingham: Building Social Capital and Enterprise, which you can download Social Capital and Enterprise Brochure (22 Feb 2010)
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