Summit 3

Summit 3

Summit 3: Recession to Resurgence

The new Chief Secretary to the Treasury, the Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP tops the list of high profile speakers addressing the challenges caused by the current economic crisis at the next Be Birmingham Summit on June 26th.

Facilitated by the Bishop of Birmingham, the summit will not only examine the city’s current responses to the economic downturn, but will also explore the wider social impacts upon our citizens as well as start to define the new economy.

Be Birmingham’s aim is to work together with its partners to ensure that the city is not only ready to respond to the expected UK upturn but will also lead and sustain that upturn. For summit delegates, this is an opportunity to input into the city’s economic agenda.

To help realise this ambition, additional summit speakers include Professor Julia King CBE, vice chancellor of Aston University and member of government’s Committee on Climate Change; former CEO of Sainsbury’s Bank Tim Pile and Mike Murray who continues to work on the Longbridge regeneration project.

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