Sustainable Community Strategy: Birmingham 2026

Sustainable Community Strategy: Birmingham 2026

Front cover of Birmingham 2026, sustainable community strategyOur new sustainable community strategy, Birmingham 2026: Our vision for the future, is vital to the success of our city and that of the UK as a whole. It is based upon firm evidence, reflecting what local people and organisations have said were the biggest issues for the city over the next two decades.

Birmingham’s first sustainable community strategy was launched in 2002 and was updated in 2005. Working in partnership, we’ve already achieved a great deal, but there’s still so much more to do.

It also sets out a single, united vision for the city to 2026 which will shape our city and the people that live within it. The vision will not only drive the public sector’s contribution to our daily lives but will also challenge other key partners within the private, third and faith sectors to play their part.

More than 13,000 Brummies had their say in Birmingham 2026’s consultation campaign that finished on 31st March 2008. In addition, almost 600 ofBirmingham’s various groups and organisations were contacted as part of the consultation.

As a result, many interesting issues have been raised and discussed and we must now ensure all of the views are taken into account in the final version of the vision which was launched in September 2008.

To view Birmingham 2026, the new sustainable community strategy click on the below links:

Full Colour Version: Final_Sustainable_Community_Strategy-Birmingham_2026

Full Black & White Version:  Final_Sustainable_Community_Strategy-Birmingham_2026_b&w

Summary Black and White version: Birmingham_2026_Summary_b&w

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