Total Place

Total Place: Better for Less


Total Place was an initiative that looked at how a “whole area” approach to public services can lead to better services at less cost. It sought to identify and avoid overlap and duplication between organisations and to focus funding on places, not institutions, in order to deliver a step change in both service improvement and efficiency at a local level.

Birmingham was one of 13 pilot areas across the country that took part in the Total Place scheme.

The Birmingham pilot 

The objectives of the Birmingham pilot were to:

  • Measure the extent to which public sector budgets contribute to the Be Birmingham partnership priority outcomes
  • Design and deliver new approaches to service delivery
  • Develop new collaborative ways of working across and between organisations

The pilot consisted of six themes:

  • early intervention and prevention in children’s services
  • drugs and alcohol
  • gangs
  • learning disability
  • mental health
  • Total Community which focused on an area east of the city

For a copy of the final report to government TP_Birmingham_Final_Report_version_2

For full version of Birmingham’s public sector investment study  EKOS_Full_Doc

For summary version of Birmingham’s public sector investment study EKOS_Summary_Interactive

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