Vision 2026 – thank you

Vision 2026

Be Birmingham would like to say a big thank you to all of you who took part in Birmingham 2026’s consultation campaign which finished on 31st March 2008. This vision will help determine the city’s priorities for the next 20 years.

Almost 1,300 Brummies have had their say in the ambitious campaign that asked them to pick their top five priorities from a list of 21, for them as individuals, their friends & family, and for Birmingham as a whole. This is the first time a consultation campaign has asked for three different sets of views in this way.

Our new sustainable community strategy, Birmingham 2026: Our vision for the future, is vital to the success of our city and that of the UK as a whole.

(Final_Sustainable_Community_Strategy-Birmingham_2026)  for the final version of Birmingham 2026.



Birmingham’s bright 2026 future

Almost 200 people attended Be Birmingham’s launch of Birmingham 2026, the new sustainable community strategy at the Town Hall on 17 September.

The BBC WM’s Nikki Tapper was joined on stage by Councillor Paul Tilsley, chair of Be Birmingham, David Cragg OBE, former chair of BB’s programme board and young people from the city. The vision sets out the long-term ambitions the city hopes to aspire to and achieve in the next 18 years.

Dilveena Sokhi, 17, Anjenna Balasingam, 17, Luke Smith, 16 and Ziana Kotadia, 14, are representative of Birmingham’s young people who will inherit the future which the Birmingham 2026 vision will create. Therefore it is vital that they are part of the process which aims to ensure economic success and an increased quality of life for all, whilst living within our environmental limits.

Be Birmingham, the city’s local strategic partnership which is responsible for the vision, aims to ultimately create the opportunities which will allow current and future generations to fulfil their potential and ambitions.

Birmingham 2026 is based upon a public consultation in which 1,300 people had their say on what they felt the city’s priorities should be in the coming years. Their views have formed the basis of this vision.

However, creating the vision is only the first step to delivering positive change in Birmingham. Now all of Be Birmingham’s partners must ensure that the vision gives our citizens the opportunity to:

  • Suceed economically
  • Feel and stay safe in a clean and green city
  • Be healthy
  • Enjoy a high quality of life
  • Make a contribution to the society they live in
Be Birmingham ( brings together organisations from the business, community, voluntary, faith and public sectors. Each partner has a duty and responsibility to deliver certain aspects of Birmingham 2026 which collectively will ensure the vision is achieved. These responsibilities are set out in the vision’s delivery plan, the Local Area Agreement (LAA) which will be reviewed every three years until 2026.

Cllr Paul Tilsley, chair of Be Birmingham, said: “Birmingham 2026 is about the citizens within our communities working together with us to deliver economic success, providing social wellbeing whilst living within our environmental limits. Birmingham is renowned for its innovative and creative past. We need to harness this spirit to ensure we deliver that kind of success but in a new age of cultural diversity, digital communication, technological advancement and environmental sustainability.”

Photograph taken by Birmingham Mail.

Below are the full and summary versions for Birmingham 2026.


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