What is an LSP

What is an LSP

Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs) were introduced by the Government in 2000 as part of the national strategy to tackle problems in some of England’s most deprived areas. Partnership working is seen as a key element to addressing cross-cutting issues faced by our society. For more information go to www.neighbourhood.gov.uk

Government Guidance defines an LSP as a single body that:

  • Brings together, at a local level, the different parts of the public sector as well as the private, business, community and voluntary sectors so that different initiatives and services support each other working together
  • It is a non statutory, non executive organisation
  • It operates at a level which enables strategic decisions to be taken and is close enough to individual neighbourhoods to allow actions to be determined at a community level and
  • Should be aligned with local authority boundaries

Core tasks

The core tasks of Be Birmingham are to:

  • Prepare and implement the Birmingham 2026: Sustainable Community Strategy
  • Prepare and implement the Local Area Agreement (LAA)
  • Bring together local plans and partner initiatives to provide a forum through which mainstream public service providers work effectively together to meet local needs
  • Close the gap between the most deprived neighbourhoods and the city
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