WNF Projects City Housing Partnership

Housing in BirminghamThe City Housing Partnership’s vision was that housing will provide the platform enabling people to thrive and choose to live in Birmingham.

The partnership’s three overarching themes to support this vision were:

1) Economic prosperity for all
2) A city which values its young people
3) A healthy and supported city

Project Summary
Number of affordable homes delivered Housing market assessments were commissioned to provide a robust understanding of the current and future housing requirements at a local level
Future Proofing Homeless/Temp Accommodation Service Allow the Housing Needs function to carry out actions to bring about improvements to future proof the homeless/temporary accommodation service
Lay Assessors To enhance the recruitment process and widen the opportunity for more people to receive training placements and work experience
RIGHT Project To provide employment support, vocational training and work experience in the area of gardening and horticulture  enabling trainees to progress towards employment and independent living
Young Design Champions Provide a new approach to engaging young people in the field of community and public open space regeneration
Fuel poverty To ensure that low-income residents were able to access all relevant benefits and were encouraged to take up grants and incentives, as they became available as a result of receiving extra benefits
Apprentice Academy An Apprentice Academy was established to improve skills for people of Birmingham
Sub CityHousing Market Assessments The work informed the decisions in relation to the provision of housing in terms of tenure, location, size, type and mix by examining housing market and dynamics. Particular attention was paid to the development of affordable housing
The larger homes programme
The Larger Homes initiative increased the number of affordable, larger homes to those in the greatest need.  The project increased the supply of these properties – directly assisting overcrowded households and families living in temporary accommodation because of the shortage of larger homes.
Actions were primarily focus on supplying larger homes for rent in Priority Neighbourhoods.
Birmingham Warm Zones A programme was designed to help vulnerable residents make their homes warmer and more affordable to heat. The programme improved the energy efficiency of homes and alleviate fuel poverty in working towards the decent homes standard.
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