WNF Projects Safer Birmingham Partnership

The Safer Birmingham Partnership was created to address crime and disorder in Birmingham using a multi-agency approach. 

The partnership has been both highly successful in driving down crime and increasing community safety, and has been highly innovative, particularly in approaches to tackling anti social behaviour, including domestic violence and gangs.

Project Summary
West Midland Mediation & Transformation Service A mediation service to reduce gang conflict resolving differences and prevent retaliation, reducing the incidence and intensity of violence
Domestic Violence Implementation Strategy Setting out how the delivery of services interacts with supporting victims, managing offenders and protecting children and young people
Women’s Safety Unit The unit focuses on victims and their families and removing them from life-threatening situations
BSafe The project covers a range of interventions aimed at managing the violence and disorder that can prevent people coming into the city at night, damaging the night time economy
Junior Youth Inclusion Project Junior YIP’s work with young people in the early stages of drifting into anti-social lifestyles, such as truanting or otherwise coming to main agency attention
Case Management Reduce re-offending through the improved management of offenders and effective treatment of drug and alcohol using offenders
Safe Night Project To provide the public with reassurance, improve feelings of safety and reduce the fear of crime as a direct result of the provision of taxi marshalling, leading to reduced levels of anti-social behaviour and crime.
Alcohol Arrest Referral Scheme The scheme operates in nine police areas in Birmingham and engages offenders who have committed alcohol related offences with the aim of assessing their need for treatment and referring them to relevant agencies. The long term aim of the programme is to reduce damaging levels of consumption, enhance people’s employment prospects, improve the lives of their families, communities and neighbourhoods and reducing offending behaviour.
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