WNF thematic outcomes

Each thematic partnership had a number of outcomes which WNF funding was used to help them achieve.

City Housing Partnership outcomes

  • To reduce the number of people living in temporary accommodation
  • To tackle overcrowding
  • Ensure properties meet the decent homes standards
  • Increase the supply of larger, affordable homes

Click here to see a list of City Housing Partnership WNF funded projects.

Children and Young People Partnership outcomes

  • To close the gap between underachieving groups and the rest of the city
  • To improve the levels of core skills required for employability
  • To increase the number of schools achieving above floor target levels
  • Support vulnerable children

Click here to see a list of Children and Young People Partnership WNF funded projects.

Birmingham Environmental Partnership
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Tackle climate change
  • Stimulate local businesses to provide renewable energy

Click here to see a list of Birmingham Environmental Partnership WNF funded projects

Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Partnership

  • Develop personalised self-directed care and support for older people and vulnerable children
  • Protect vulnerable individuals from harm
  • Support more people to be healthy
  • Reduce health inequallities and mortality across Birmingham
  • Support people with learning disabilities
Click here to see a list of Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Partnership WNF funded projects.
Safer Birmingham Partnership
  • Reduce gun crime, anti-social behaviour and domestic violence
  • Reduce re-offending through managing offenders
Click here to see a list of Safer Birmingham Partnership WNF funded projects.
Birmingham Cultural Partnership
  • Support events to improve community cohesion
  • Increase adult participation in sport
  • Promote Birmingham as a global city
Click here to see a list of Birmingham Cultural Partnership WNF funded projects.
There were a number of other programmes that WNF funding helped deliver.Neighbourhood management
Improve outcomes for local residents living in priority neighbourhoods by delivering evidence-based targeted interventions informed by neighbourhood working.Social capital
Enabled third sector organisations to respond better to commissioning opportunities and facilitating delivery of effective outcomes in priority neighbourhoods.Community engagement
Develop inter-agency community engagement work with local communities.

Local infrastructure support
Facilitate locally developed, innovative ways of working.

Be Birmingham
Continue to develop and deliver Birmingham 2026, the sustainable community strategy through the Local Area Agreement, WNF and leading on the Comprehensive Area Assessment. To facilitate collaborative working across partnerships to provide performance management of WNF is an integral part of Be Birmingham’s function. And ensure all project leads were accountable for achieving agreed outcomes through regular monitoring of financial and output measures.

To facilitate quarterly monitoring meetings to track progress and discuss potential issues.

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